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Optimize Your Services and Save as Much as

70% on Your Phone Bills!

One Source Communications is your source for phone lines and data connections from a variety of carriers available in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area and beyond. You can think of us as the "independent insurance agent of the phone business." Reach out to us to start enjoying lower prices on your connectivity.

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Shopping for the Best Rates

Our contracts and agreements with the carriers in this industry allow us to independently advise you about which technologies will suit your business needs at the most cost-effective prices. Count on us to find affordable prices for:

• Traditional Business Phone Lines
• PRI Service
• SIP Trunking
• Cable & DSL Internet
• Dedicated Fiber Internet
  • Conference Services

Analyzing Your Business

To choose the proper carriers, it is important for us to understand what you need from your business communications services. We thoroughly discuss all aspects of how your business operates from a communication perspective. Our discussion ranges from shortcomings you are experiencing now to the aspects you like and want to keep.  We then are able to offer improvements that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, or both.