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Putting Your Business In the Cloud

On-site data storage and telephony equipment is a thing of the past. Today, cloud networking is the way to go for all your voice and data needs in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, area and beyond. Get in touch with us at One Source Communications to discuss cloud-based solutions for your company.

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Cloud PBX

Why buy expensive equipment when you can host your private branch exchange in the cloud? Virtual services from Cloud PBX offer complete routing without the need for on-site equipment or supervision.

Office 365

Improve your productivity with access to Microsoft products all over the world. Office 365 is the best way for your team to collaborate over the Internet.

Cloud Servers

Store your valuable company information securely online with our cloud servers. You can buy as much as you need without having to invest in hard drives or other local data storage.

Microsoft Dynamics

From retail to manufacturing to finance, all kinds of industries rely on this cloud-based system to run their day-to-day operations. You have access to a range of apps that interact together in the cloud.

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